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By Cacinhair | 29 June 2020 | 0 Comments

Are Remy And Virgin Hair The Same?

Remy (Remi) and virgin hair are conditions that are often used interchangeably, but they rarely, if ever, signify exactly the same.

Remy is that type of hair in which all face in the exact same direction and its cuticles are undamaged: roots are about the other on one side and suggestions, just like when the hair is growing naturally. This characteristic allows you treat and to brush your Remy extensions just as you would your real hair. There's no tangling and matting like with non-Remy hair. The term Remy itself doesn't refer to any brand name, but to the process of collecting the hair that renders the cuticles complete. Remy hair textured for more availability, and may be treated to achieve some warmer colours.

There's a reason why is the virgin hair considered as premium quality and it comes in the premium prices too. This hair is truly virgin and in its most natural state. To be classified as virgin, the hair needs to meet criteria, or it should not be permed, dyed, colored, bleached, relaxed processed in any way. To qualify as real virgin hair, this hair mustn't be even blow-dried or vulnerable to agents such as cigarette smoke or medication. All virgin hair needs to come from a donor, which implies consistency in feel. The feel may be straight, wavy or curled. From time to time, virgin hair texture can be altered using a high pressure and warmth method, but since no chemical processing is demanded, this hair is regarded as virgin.

The cuticles must be complete and functioning in the exact same direction. For that reason, it is often called cuticle hair. The cuticle protects the hair from damage, causing smoother, a shinier, softer and more hair which fashions more naturally. This also suggests that more work is required to maintain the look and texture of the hair.

The controversy of when to use the term Remy, and when is virgin a suitable name will probably continue. There are those who believe the entire thing a non-issue because each the hair is in a sense because the chemicals in our hair goods include enough chemicals to change any hair with time.

Cacin Hair offers raw virgin hair made from only the highest grade hair.

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