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What Is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is just that, virgin, it means it has never been touched by processing in any way (dye, bleach, curled, ironed... anything). If the hair is virgin that means the person who donated (or offered) their hair to the extension maker never did any processing to their hair in any way and the company that harvested the hair and made it into a weft didn't process it in any way either.

BTW - Washing does not count as processing, please wash your hair regularly.

Virgin hair, also called raw hair is human being hair that hasn't been treated chemically, bleached or permed. It is obtained directly from the head of a donor, washed and then packed for sale. All the cuticles are intact and lay in the same direction thus making the unit smooth and smooth to the touch.

Bottom Line: If the hair you are looking to buy has had ANY processing steps done to it, chemical or nonchemical, then it is not virgin. Don't believe the hype!

Also be careful when a hair seller tells you that their hair is "single drawn". Single drawn remy hair wefts come from a single donor and command the best grade and price. Solitary drawn organic virgin remy hair (grades 6A and above) is quite expensive. You won't find the real thing at a discount basement cost if the retailer has been honest. I'm just becoming honest with you. In case you are on a budget, (genuine) grade 5A can do you correct. The just difference is in the way the hair is drawn. 5A virgin remy can look and feel like the bigger grades and it'll last up to year if you look after it. 

Virgin hair come with all cuticles intact and give the most natural look and feel when selected well. Even though the virgin hair is more expensive compared to synthetic hair, a huge number of women are moving from the synthetic options to the natural hair options.

If you are hunting for virgin hair, it is important to remember that fake virgin hair has found its way in the market. You consequently want to ensure that you resource your hair extensions from trustworthy suppliers. It is also important to know your options to ensure that by the time you start your search, you know precisely what you are after.

Virgin hair extensions are perfect in quality plus they definitely last longer in comparison to synthetic hair. Understand your alternatives and then choose the most suitable hair for you personally from dependable sources.

The types
It is one of the most important things you should be aware of when looking for virgin hair. virgin hair is of training course got from willing donors who remember to treatment and grow healthy solid hair. The most famous is Brazilian hair. There are however various other hair types and choices which includes Indian, Peruvian, Burmese, Malaysian and Mongolian. Vietnamese and Chinese are also choices with regards to hair extensions. They'll of training course differ in texture and appearance and it can help to first verify them out which means you are sure of what you would be getting and make sure that it is certainly the right one for you personally. Find out whenever you can about the types of virgin hair and choose accordingly.

The colors
Black could be the regular, but you could find various other color options could also include blonde, light copper, darkish and redheads. Your skin layer tone should show you in choosing hair color that will function for you. You may even think about your natural hair to assist you choose extensions that are the most suitable. If you are obtaining extensions to cover all of your head, you then can experiment with the shades as your skin layer tone enables. But if you're searching for partial additions to your organic hair, in that case your own hair color should matter as well.

The looks
Virgin hair could possibly be curly or directly, wavy, silky or kinky. These choices are of training course a matter of personal choice, but some females can look better with directly hair, whereas others may seem better with frizzy hair. Discover what works for you personally and pick the extensions accordingly. Additionally you want to select a supplier who provides a huge variety so you are not limited to only one type of hair that may not even work flawlessly for you.

The weights
You should also focus on the weight. A COMPLETE bundle of hair ought to be 100 grams (or 3.52 ounces in case you are a nonmetric program person like me lol) and it requires three bundles to accomplish the average head (longer lengths or a larger head may require four bundles). If a seller says that they will sell you three bundles of hair for an incredibly low price please read the fine print and make sure you are getting three 100 gram bundles. Any less and you will end up with half a weave when you're sitting in your beautician's chair. I have sent many a client of mine out of my shop with half of a hairdo while they run and try to find enough hair to complete their desired look because they got scammed by a website that sold them 50 gram bundles.

The lengths
All these hair types can be quite long, but the market caters to different preferences, hence it is possible to find virgin hair extensions in various lengths. If you are searching for bouncy hair with someone, then shorter wavier choices may be the strategy to use. Longer hairs are excellent for tie backs, ponytails and various styling options. Select hair length according from what results you wish to get in the finish.

Yes ladies, size does matter when it comes to hair extensions. There are retailers that will "short" the length of extensions that they sell. They will sell you a 16 inch extension and that extension may actually be only 15 inches or even shorter. Again be on the lookout and don't fall for a low price without doing your homework.

To wrap this up, there are many honest hair retailers on the web that will always tell you the real deal on their products and there are some shady ones that will say anything to try and get your money. In my experience, you can inform a lot by searching at the purchase price. Beware of suprisingly low prices that simply seem to be too great to be true. Browse the fine print in every listings. Review comments from customers ratings and most importantly, develop a romantic relationship with a hair merchant that you trust or get yourself a solid recommendation. Buying on price alone rather than paying interest to the details will get you burned if you are buying hair extensions on-line.

I understand that through experience: Each and every time I would visit a female with a "half-perform" (as I contact it) inside our local hair supply store going right through the reduced quality hair that's sold there (and generally in most locations like that around) to complete their hairdo because they got scammed by an online hair vendor, it reminded me that We had a need to write this content and get it away there for my visitors. I don't desire that to occur to you.

Benefits of virgin hair

There are plenty of benefits that come with wearing virgin hair. Some of these benefits include:

Many styling options: Treated models limit the number of styling options that you can apply on it. Studies show that treated hair becomes difficult to color. It also tends to color off very easily. Stylists have reported having a hard time curling and straightening treated models. Since raw hair is 100% natural, you don't come across any of these problems therefore you can apply any style with no problem.

No shredding during combing: One of the major issues that many women statement is shedding of the models during combing. Brazilian virgin hair and other types of raw models are made of thick solid strands that don't break quickly; therefore , you do not lose hair when combing.

Natural results: Should you have utilized synthetic units you understand that they tend to get a shiny, frustrating look. This is not the case with virgin systems. Being that they are untreated they preserve all of the natural qualities of true hair hence when you apply any design, the systems fall and frames the facial skin exactly like your natural hair.

Resistance to harm from hair products: Because the strands are strong, they stay strong and soft also after exposure to an array of hair styling products. For this reason, you may use different hair treatment products without fretting about damaging your hair.

Guide to purchasing virgin hair

Due to the popular for the hair, there are several unscrupulous businessmen who try moving off synthetic, fake hair as virgin hair. The first thing that you ought to do is certainly smell the hair. Chemically prepared hair could have a exclusive smell and you ought to avoid it.

You should also have a look at the health of the wefts. For the hair to last for lengthy and retain its great appears for a long period the wefts shouldn't possess loose threads, rips, uneven stitching or any various other irregularities.

The colour of the units can help you in identifying if it's legitimate. You should understand that no genuine systems should have any various other color apart from the natural black color.


If you want units that look great and retain their look for a long time you should go for raw hair. You can go for Remy virgin hair or any other natural units. To buy genuine units, buy from genuine sellers.

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