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Raw hair is completely natural and unprocessed.
1, No chemical process, 100% full cuticle intact, no tangle at all.
2, No dyed hair mixed, natural color, can be bleached to #613.
3, One donor hair, 100% original Cuticle aligned, no machine aligned, no fallen hair mixed.

We guarantee 100% raw hair, because all the stages of manufacturing are finished in our own factory, also we have a strict quality control system. We collect raw hair from young girls and women, separate the good and bad hair, remove gray hair, check and take off the lice and nits. Pick the best strands to make the weft. Then wash the weft hair with shampoo and condition. Leave the hair air dry, measure the lengths and pack the hair. No chemical, no acid bath, no dye hair mixed, no fallen hair mixed, etc.

Our raw virgin hair comes in a combination of completely natural off-black and brown colors. There will be color variations between bundles, some lighter and some darker. Also, our virgin hair is just washed by shampoo, so it can't be smooth soft as processed hair, sometimes it's a little rough and dry, but it's natural and healthy, you need to maintain it by shampooing and conditioning, it comes to life after treatment, and gets better over time. The more you wash and deep condition raw hair, the better it will be. Unlike processed hair will be worse after more washing.

If you are new in hair business, we'd like to tell you something important truth to your future business.

1, Regarding the grade names, there are 5a 6a 7a 8a 9a 10a 11a 12a 13a, etc. by different vendors, but the grades can't tell real quality. Different Vendors have different grade names for marketing. The levels of hair quality are raw virgin hair, and processed hair(remy hair, and non remy).

2, Many vendors sell processed hair as virgin hair or raw hair, they use fallen hair, which is machine aligned hair, it's processed remy, and it can't be 100% cuticle alinged, and the hair must be chemical processed to avoid tangling. This hair is cheaper, and the natural color can be bleached too, but it's easy to tangle after several months installing, because it's unhealthy and processed. 

3, Pictures, videos, reviews, even samples are not really trustful in this industry now, If you don't know how to tell hair quality. Find a honest and reliable raw hair supplier is the only way to help you improve business.

4. Regarding the Country names, basically Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair, etc. are just marketing names by vendors, it doesn't mean the hair is collected in the Country. Most hair material comes from Asia, such as China, India, etc. 
Our raw hair is collected in China, it's cut from Chinese young girls. Chinese raw hair is the best in the world, because it's the strongest, the natural color comes in natural black and brown. It can be dyed & bleached to 613 and any colors, lasts 3-5 years.

However, Chinese raw virgin hair increase price every year, especially the long length hair(22inch longer). It's easy to source cheap processed hair, but difficult to find a reliable raw hair factory, since very less factories supply raw virgin hair now. We have had a familiy business since 1982, we have our own raw hair material sourcing channels, own factory, local customers and foreign customers. This is a very stable business to us, and we only stick in long term business.